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Men's Vintage Haori TakanoHane Montsuki Torii Miyajima

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100% shiny black "Habutae" silk,Adorned with 5 samurai family coat of arms TakanoHane Montsuki (Falcon feather),The pattern represents the floating Shinto portico called "Torii" of the Miyajma shrine.

  • Men's Vintage Haori
  • Very good condition like new
  • 100% shiny black "Habutae" silk
  • brown lining
  • Reversible
  • stitching of the large floating Shintoist portico called "Torii" of the Itsukushima shrine of Miyajima
  • Kimono decorated with 5 family coat of arms TakanoHane Montsuki  (Falcon feather)
  • Nice finish.
  • Comfortable
  • Condition: excellent like new (check photos details)
  • This type of haori was once worn by samurai warriors over the ceremonial kimono.
  • To wear over traditional kimono or the keikogi and with the striped Shima umanori hakama for the practice of Iaido / Kenjutsu
  • Maintenance: dry wash / iron 60 degree if necessary

Period:Showa (1929~1989)

Height: 104cm 
Shoulder to shoulder width: 60cm 
Sleeve to sleeve width: 125cm 
Sleeve height: 50cm (20.47244094")
Sleeve width: 32cm 



The floating torii MIYAJIMA

220px-Itsukushima_floating_shrine.jpgItsukushima shrine at high tide.

Itsukushima Shrine's large floating torii (大鳥 大) is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Japan. The torii view with Mount Misen in the background is named one of the “three most famous views in Japan” along with Amanohashidate sandbank and Matsushima bay. It is also called "the gate of Japan".

The torii, which seems to float at high tide, is only accessible from the shore at low tide.

The shrine has had a torii since 1168, although the current one only dates from 1875. It is 16 meters high and has four uprights (ryōbu 両 部, or yotsuashi 四脚 style) to give it more stability. . Since its construction, it has never been completely restored. So that it does not rot with seawater, we practice sugekae (挿 げ 替 え), a technique that consists of only changing the submerged parts every hundred years.

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