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Explore our range of traditional Japanese Jikatabi Marugo shoes (Tabi Matsuri, TabiRela, Sanchi, Hitoe, Knit Tabi, Air and Sport Jog, Tabi socks, and work Jikatabi shoes, Tekko, Kyahan, and accessories) on Designed to offer authentic comfort, these shoes provide perfect support for your martial arts practices and daily activities. Ideal for Japanese culture enthusiasts, each pair embodies the craftsmanship and innovation of Marugo. Showcase a distinctive style with our Jikatabi, blending tradition and modernity for an unmatched experience of comfort and performance. Available in various sizes and styles to meet all your preferences.

Jikatabi are also renowned for their health benefits, improving posture and promoting optimal body alignment. Perfect for practicing martial arts and Ninjutsu, they offer exceptional flexibility and grip, enabling precise and fluid movements. Their unique design strengthens foot muscles and enhances blood circulation, contributing to overall well-being. Choose Jikatabi Marugo to feel a noticeable difference during your training and daily life.

All products in this collection are available in a variety of sizes and a wide range of colors. Their unisex design makes them suitable for everyone, and they can be paired with both urban and traditional outfits.

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