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Discover our collection of Happi Coats, traditional Japanese kimono jackets for men. The Happi is distinguished by its wide sleeves and straight cut, offering both comfort and style. Adorned with traditional Japanese motifs such as kanji, floral patterns, or family emblems, our Happi Coats embody the essence of Japanese tradition.

Designed to be worn over the kimono, yukata, Samue, Jinbei, and other traditional garments, Happi Coats add an elegant touch to any outfit. They are often worn at festivals, ceremonies, and special events, symbolizing the richness of Japanese culture.

The Happi stands out for its unique functionality and aesthetics, setting it apart from other traditional garments such as the Hanten, Haori, and Kimono. With their distinctive design and cultural history, our Happi Coats are a timeless symbol of Japanese craftsmanship and refinement.

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