A about Haori

What is the origin of the traditional men's Haori?

The origin of the traditional men's Haori dates back to feudal Japan. Originally, the Haori was worn by the samurai and the warrior class as a garment of clan distinction and protection from the weather. read more

What is a Traditional Japanese Men's Haori?

The traditional japanese Men's Haori is a Japanese jacket made of high quality silk, symbolizing elegance and tradition, it has a loose, straight cut and hip length. Adorned with traditional patterns, it is worn on special occasions. read more

How is a traditionally male haori made and what techniques are used to create the intricate patterns and embroidery on the fabric?

A traditional men's haori is made from high quality silk, linen or cotton, and is often lined for extra comfort and warmth. The fabrics used for making a haori can be plain or printed with intricate designs. read more

What is the history of haori and how did it become traditional Japanese clothing for men?

The haori is a traditional Japanese garment for men that dates back to the Heian period, between the 8th and 12th centuries. read more


To know all about traditional japanese Haori kimono jacket read more
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