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Men's Vintage Haori kimono Black Silk Chigai Ha Montsuki Kabuki

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100% black silk and golden silk lining, topstitched pattern representing a character from the Japanese Kabuki theater.Reversible kimono jacket to wear for iaido practice or to exhibit.Made in Japan

Made in Japan
Material: 100% pure black silk
Golden brown silk lining
Kamon : Kimono jacket decorated with 5 Kamon Maruni Chigai Ha family coat of arms (two crossed arrows)
Pattern: stitched represents a character from the Japanese Kabuki theater.
Height : 101cm
Shoulder to shoulder width : 60cm
Sleeve width : 33cm
Sleeve height : 50cm
Sleeve to sleeve width: 124cm
Period : hieisei (1989 ~)
Condition: excellent (see details photos)
Description: part of single traditional Japanese art, are ancient beautiful Haori kimono jacket r eversible  high quality silk.
To display in your most beautiful interior or to wear over the kimono, samue or iaidoGi for  the practice of Kenjutsu or other martial arts.
Also matched with any traditional or urban clothing.
Closure : "Himo" cord, white or gold silk offered! (your choice to select)
Free service : ironed, folded and wrapped in a "Kamon" coat of arms wrapping paper, you just have to give it to the person of your choice.
After receipt and / or use, please do not forget to leave us your testimony on our guestbook 
Note : after a little check on our site, you will see that our haori are in great demand and sold quickly because they are also on sale on our other stores and platforms Amazon, Etsy, Ebay. please.




Kabuki (歌舞 伎) is the epic form of traditional Japanese theater.

Centered on an actor's game that is both spectacular and codified,

it is distinguished by the elaborate make-up of the actors and the abundance of devices

stages intended to underline the paroxysms and the reversals of the piece.

The three ideograms of the word mean: song (ka ), dance (bu ) and technical skill (ki ).

It is probably ateji (characters used for their only phonetic value),

and it seems to be the old form of the verb katamuku (傾 く),

in the kabuku era, denoting what was unorthodox, in reference to a form of theater

considered at the time as avant-garde.

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