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Men's Vintage Traditional Japanese Samurai Kimono Dakimyoga Montsuki

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100% black silk, black lining,great condition to offer !

Men's Vintage Traditional Japanese Samurai Kimono 

Origin : 100% Made in Japan

Material: 100% black silk "Habutae"

Lining: Black

Pattern: 5 family crests "Kamon Maruni Dakimyoga" (ginger sprout)

Crest Placement:

  • 2 on the chest

  • 2 on the sleeves

  • 1 on the nape

Featuring: Discover this authentic and antique Japanese kimono made of 100% black silk, once worn by samurai warriors under their "Yoroi" armor. This type of kimono, no longer produced today, is becoming a rarity in Japan and is unfortunately destined to disappear. It is often purchased by foreign tourists visiting Japan. Japanese men wear it only on rare occasions, such as wedding ceremonies or other exceptional events. Due to the high cost of new silk, it is frequently bought in polyester or tetron, or more often rented for the occasion.

Using: Ideal to wear as keikogi with a striped umanori Shima hakama for practicing Iaido or Kenjutsu (available in our shop).

Care: Dry clean only, due to the delicacy of the silk.

Period: Showa Era (1929~1989)

Condition: Very good


  • Height: 133 cm

  • Width: 61 cm

  • Sleeve to sleeve width: 126 cm

  • Sleeve height: 50 cm

  • Sleeve width: 33 cm

This kimono is a true treasure for enthusiasts of Japanese culture and collectors of antiques. Its exceptional quality and fascinating history make it a unique and valuable piece. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of Japanese history

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