Men's antique Samurai Japanese kimono Maruni Dakigashiwa Montsuki

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100% black silk, black lining, excellent condition. kaku obi color silk offer !

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Men's antique traditional Japanese kimono Maruni Dakigashiwa Montsuki 

Made in Japan

Material: 100% black silk


Material: 5 family coat of arms "Kamon Maruni Dakigashiwa" (Aok leave)


2 on the chest

2 On the sleeves

1 in the neck

Feature: Authentic antique Japanese kimono 100% black silk man worn formerly by Japanese samurai warriors under their armor "Yoroi"

Use: to wear as keikogi with umanori Shima striped hakama for the practice of Iaido or Kenjutsu

(on sale in the shop)

Maintenance: dry wash, silk requires!

Period: Showa (1929 ~ 1989)

Condition: very good


Height: 135cm

Width: 61cm

Width of end of sleeve with end of sleeve: 135cm

Handle height: 52cm

Width handle: 33.3cm

Kaku Obi silk offered

Available color:

  • khaki
  • black
  • black blue striped
  • Navy blue
  • Grey
  • White
  • cream
  • golden yellow
  • Brown

Dimension: 400cm long and 9.5cm wide

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