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Men Vintage Samurai Haori Kimono Jacket Takanohane Montsuki Chushingura Clan "Made in Japan"

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100% black silk, gold lining. The stitched pattern on the lining represents the Chushingura clan (47 samurai) besieging a castle to kill or stop the rebels. To be worn over the iaidoGi for the practice of Iaido. Made in Japan

  • Very good condition like new
  • 100% black silk and golden lining
  • Reversible
  • stitched on the lining represents the Chushingura clan (47 samurai) besieging a castle to kill or stop the rebels.
  • Adorned with 5 samurai family arms "Kamon" TakanoHane (hawk feather)
  • Nice finish.
  • Comfortable
  • Condition: excellent
  • This type of haori was once worn by samurai warriors over the ceremonial kimono.
  • To wear over the keikogi and with the striped Shima umanori hakama for the practice of Iaido / Kenjutsu
  • Maintenance: dry wash / iron 60 degree if necessary

Height: 94cm (37.00787402")
Shoulder to shoulder width: 59cm (23.22834646")
Sleeve to sleeve width: 122cm (48.03149606")
Sleeve height: 50cm (19.68503937")
Sleeve width: 33cm (12.99212598")

To display in your most beautiful interior or to wear over the iaidoGi for the practice of Kenjutsu or other martial arts. Also matched with any street  clothes, chic with jeans for everyday use.


The legend of the 47 rōnin is based on true historical facts which begin in 1701. The shogun of the time, Tsunayoshi Tokugawa, instructed Naganori Takumi-no-kami Asano, the daimyo of Akō, to welcome the envoys of the Kyoto imperial court. He also gave Yoshinaka Kōzuke-no-suke Kira, the master of ceremonies (kōke), the task of instructing Asano in protocol. On the day the ambassadors arrived at Edo Castle, Asano attempted to kill Kira with his sword. The exact reasons for this act are rather unclear, but it is likely that Kira insulted Asano on several occasions. For this crime, Asano had to be seppuku the same day, and Kira went unpunished. The shogunate then confiscated the lands of Asano (Akō's domain) and sacked his samurai, who then became rōnin (masterless warriors).

For the next two years, Ōishi Kuranosuke, a senior samurai formerly in Asano's service, led a group of 47 rōnin (some sources speak of 46 rōnin). They attacked Kira's home in Edo, captured him, killed him and brought his head to the grave of their master Asano. Then they surrendered to the authorities and were ordered to do seppuku. Ōishi is often the main character in fictions based on this story, the Chūshingura (“The Treasure of Loyal Servants”) (open source wikipedia)

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